Top Online Technical Project Management Conferences and Events to Attend

The cumulative effect of digital technologies, the development of exponential organizations, and the emergence of other external threats force us to rethink and change the way we do business. Check top online technical project management conferences in the article below.

The Main Goals of Online Technical Project Management Conferences?

The relationship between business needs and information technologies is increasing. This requires CIOs to have a deeper understanding of the business and functional leaders to have a deeper understanding of IT and visit at least one digital project management conference. Although business systems contain a lot of customer information, there is also a need to transfer data using portable drives. Data in transit often becomes a vulnerability for companies.

If your company still measures success only in financial terms, focus on customer satisfaction and company performance. Start analyzing customer experience and process metrics. This approach will allow you to look at the company from the point of view of cross-functional interaction and creating value for the client, and ultimately – to revise the design of key business processes.

Among the main goals of the technical project management conferences and events to attend are to improve the following:

  • Strategies for digital transformation and innovation.
  • Design thinking, customer and user needs, behavior, problem-solving.
  • Goals of the regenerative and sustainable project, climate and environmental aspects.
  • Data-driven business models.
  • Impact of digitalization in the public sector.
  • Crowdsourcing and IT.
  • Forecasts and decision-making.

Digital transformation is not a process from the distant future but something that is changing the face of business here and now. New digital tools, services, and environments are emerging. Business is capturing total digitization and automation, and the requirements for productivity and labor efficiency are changing. More and more digital products are entering the market. Competition for the demand for products among users is growing, and the pace of production and development is increasing.

Which Are the Best Online Technical Project Management Events to Attend?

Representatives of business and the state, as part of their reports, outlined their own vision of digital transformation, and shared their experience in creating and modifying a strategy, as well as the practice of implementing digitization projects, including through import substitution. Vendors spoke about their technologies, products, and projects.

Among the top online technical project management conferences and events to attend are:

  1. Technical Project Management Conference (Revolution in the project office: key trends, methods, and tools of project management).
  2. The Resource Planning Summit (How to synchronize the work of several project offices in one company so as not to reinvent local solutions).
  3. Project Management Symposium (How to improve product quality and increase customer loyalty in product development using design thinking methodology).
  4. Global Scrum Gathering (How to increase engagement and minimize errors using a special project team motivation system).
  5. Agile (How to use an Agile approach to achieve more agile management in an inflexible business).

The logic of decomposition from strategy to a specific digital product is as follows: strategic goals require maintaining high efficiency, which, in turn, necessitates a high level of quality management in production, which means that it requires the introduction of modern technologies for predictive product quality management based on the use of artificial intelligence. Transformation in project management implies the use of digital technologies to optimize business processes, increase the maturity of individual specialists and companies as a whole, and build effective interaction within the company.